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    Advanced Module


    Picking up where the Expedition 101 Course leaves off, Peter Isler teaches these four recorded on-demand courses that offer an in depth look at four of Expeditions modules:

    11) Polars and Sail Chart
    • Available On-Demand
    22)  Weather and Routing
    • Available On-Demand
    33) Instrument Tuning and Optimization
    • Available On-Demand
    44) Expedition’s Race Schedules.
    • Available On-Demand

    Expedition expert Peter Isler leads the module webinars with a combination of demonstrations, hands-on simulation exercises and case studies.

    On-Demand Webinar Modules

    11) Polars and Sail Chart

    This session focuses on the creation and modification to polar files and sail chart files used in Expedition.  Both files are crucial to our racing strategy and they usually start out pretty rough and can get very honed over time.
    Topics include:
    ·         Garbage in/Garbage out – where to source your initial information.
    ·         Converting from an Spreadsheet/Excel type file (polar or sail chart) to a *.txt file compatible with Expedition
    ·         Polar file and sail chart management within Expedition
    ·         Common problems. (polar file not displaying correctly,  sail chart not visible)
    ·          Logging data, saving tests for analysis
    ·         Analysis: Updating your Polars/Sail Chart
    ·         Archiving: Preserving old files in an orderly way

    11) Polars and Sail Chart   US$100   Click to Enroll

    22) Weather and Routing

    This module focuses on two of Expedition’s most valuable and powerful tools: display of Weather and Current GRIB files and Route Optimization.  This module is valuable to day racers interested in using Expedition to analyze forecasts and an absolutely essential skill for offshore racers. For distance racing effective Weather Routing is what it is all about...
    Topics include:
    ·         Grib files and their sources
    ·         Configuring the display for your needs.
    ·         Looking at the weather on shore
    ·         Low Bandwidth strategy
    ·         Pre-Race Route Optimization
    ·         Analyzing and fine tuning your route optimization under way.
    ·         How to prepare before an offshore race – historical analysis and pre race strategy.
    22) Weather & Routing  US$66  Click to Enroll

    Mini Modules

    33) Instrument Tuning and Optimization

    Expedition Strip Chart
    This module covers the theory behind instrument setup, and the how to’s of calibration and fine tuning.
    ·         Fundamentals of sensor installation
    ·         Sequence of calibrations for baseline
    ·         Using StripChart to fine tune
    ·         Pitfalls and realities of instrument tuning
    33) Instrument Tuning & Optimization  US$75* Click to Enroll
    *special price.

    44) Expedition’s Race Schedules 

    Expedition’s Race Schedule tool provides strategic information in an offshore race by tracking rival boats from their position reports.
    ·         Initial pre race set up
    ·         How to enter race schedules/automatic and manual
    ·         Displaying Race Schedules and Tracks
    ·  Analyzing Race Schedules
    ·  Pitfalls

    44) Expedition's Race Schedules  US$66  Click to Enroll

    More Info on All Expedition Module Courses

    Preparation and pre-requisites:  Download and install Expedition on a Windows PC/ Laptop.  It is assumed that you are familiar with Expedition and have completed Expedition 101, or are already familiar with Expedition at that level.  (Click here to see the Expedition 101 curriculum.)

    Note: If you are not a licensed Expedition owner/user, North U. Expedition Webinar participants can download a free temporary (4 week) full version of Expedition for the webinar. Participants will also have the ability to buy Expedition at a discounted price either before or after the course. Download and pricing information below.
    If you are a current Expedition owner/user then we recommend that you check to be sure you have the current/ latest version, as that is what we will be teaching from.  Upgrades are free for current owners.

    Class Time: You should have Expedition up and running along with your web browser and headset (or built in sound). When viewing recorded sessions you can pause (and replay) while you practice with Expedition.

    Follow Up: You can review the course over and over again, at your leisure, for 90 days from the first log-in. There will also be a user group blog to share ideas and experiences.

    11) Polars and Sail Chart   US$100
    22)  Weather and Routing  US$66
    33) Instrument Tuning and Optimization   US$75 (intro price...)
    44) Expedition’s Race Schedules. US$66

    To download the free demo version of Expedition:
    - Go to: http://www.expeditionmarine.com
    - Download & install trial version
    - Email the Site Code that you receive to Nick White
    - Note in the email that you are attending the North U Expedition Webinar so you get an extended trial key code.
    - You will receive a Temporary Key Code for you to use on your computer.
    To Purchase Expedition:
    If you do not currently own the Expedition Software, but would like to purchase it through North U, the cost is US$1,295.
    When you purchase Expedition, the Webinar is included at no additional charge.  For webinar attendees, you will have the option to also purchase Expedition AFTER the webinar and after you have had time to work with the trial software. This offer is available for 90 days from your webinar registration.  

    Contact North U directly to arrange the purchase: Fran@NorthU.NorthSails.com
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