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    Trim Seminar Pricing - Full Day 

    Skipper - $115
    US Sailing Member - $85
    Additional Crew - $85
    Join US Sailing - Membership plus Seminar $145
    Jrs / Students - $50
    Lunch:  $10 per person*

    * Some locations will have lunch cost built into pricing based on policy of clubs. These locations include Seattle, San Francisco, Stamford, City Island

    Additional Items Available

    North U Racing Trim Book - By Bill Gladstone
    The North U Trim Book covers every facet of sail trim, boat speed, and boat handling. The sixth edition includes over 200 information packed pages. Sections on Trim Solutions solve the most baffling problems in performance, while the boat handling sections show how you can turn your crew into a cohesive team.  The perfect companion to the Boatspeed seminar and disc.

    North U Quick Trim Guide - By Bill Gladstone
    The laminated, waterproof 16 panel summary of North U Trim serves as handy on-board reference.

    North U Racing Tactics Book - By Bill Gladstone
    The Boatspeed Seminar makes you Fast.  The Tactics Book makes you Smart. The seventh edition takes you all the way around the course and covers tactics, rules, weather, and strategy in 180 information-packed pages. The fast moving, easy to follow format is accessible to all readers. Rules are covered the way you use them - (ie upwind rules as part of upwind tactics).

    North U Tactics Disc - By Bill Gladstone
    The Tactics Disc puts tactics in motion with Video and our exclusive Wind Shift Simulator.  The Disc covers starting, upwind, downwind and mark rounding topics, including strategy, tactics, and rules, using animations, graphics, photos, photo sequences, video, and the interactive wind shift simulators; plus a voice over by the author.  A complete tactics seminar-on-disc.

    Learn the Racing Rules DVD - By David Dellenbaugh
    America's Cup veteran and US Sailing Rules Chairman David Dellenbaugh hosts this outstanding 2 DVD set to help you to understand the 2013-2016 Racing Rules of Sailing. Disc one covers Right of Way Rules. Disc two covers Rules at Marks and Obstructions. Using digital animation, computer graphics, on-the-water sailing demonstrations and actual racing footage,  this new edition covers the rules all the way around the course. Learn the principles behind the rules and how they apply to dynamic situations on the race course.  Great for all types of racing and sailors of all skill levels!

    Webinar Schedule

    Boatspeed & Trim
    The webinars are taught in two 3-hour evening sessions.
    - Tues. March 11 & Thurs. March 13, 2014; 6-9pm US Eastern time; 3-6pm US Pacific time, 20:00-01:00 Zulu.
    - On-Demand, anytime.

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