The revised North U Cruising Course teaches sailing, cruising and seamanship skills. Prepared in conjunction with John Rousmaniere, author of the Annapolis Book of Seamanship, the course focuses on techniques for improved performance, safety, and enjoyment.

    Our unique approach to techniques for upwind trim and balance will translate into faster, more comfortable sailing (and less motoring) in the coming season. Whether you sail under jib and main, Gennaker, or spinnaker, our coverage of downwind sail trim will improve your reaching and running performance in all conditions. A segment on the wonder and challenges of night sailing is sure to open your eyes and expand your cruising horizons.

    Cruising is more than just sailing. At the North U Cruising and Seamanship seminar, special emphasis is placed on heavy weather sailing and seamanship, safety, and emergency techniques. We look at the equipment, preparation, and techniques needed to prevent and handle a variety of challenges.

    All these issues are addressed in detail to show you how to build the skills you need. As described by North U Director Bill Gladstone, "About half the day will focus on safety, heavy air, and emergency techniques you should know, but hopefully never need; while the other half will cover sailing and seamanship skills which you can use every day."

    Included with the class is the North U Cruising Disc (PC and Mac compatible) which presents a full take home version of the seminar, with animations, video and voice over by Bill Gladstone. Also available is the 3rd edition North U Cruising Workbook, which is filled with practical hands on techniques, challenging problems and real world solutions. A Suddenly Alone Workbook is also available to help you prepare your boat and yourself for safe shorthanded cruising.

    The instructors for the North U Cruising seminars are seasoned sailors, whose combined sailing skills and teaching experience mean the course emphasizes your sailing, not their sea stories. Bring your questions... Leave with answers.

    Class Outline(Course runs from 9:00 - 4:30)

    Upwind Sail Trim and Performance
    • Wind, sails, and the wonder of upwind sailing
    • Trim fundamentals and sail controls
    • Angle of attack, depth, and twist
    • Helm balance, speed, and pointing
    • Powering and depowering
    • Sail selection
    • Trimming to wind and sea
    • Trimming for an autopilot
    • Tacking
    Downwind Sailing
    • Under mainsail and jib
    • The boom vang and preventer
    • Powering and depowering
    • Wing-and-wing
    • Spinnakers and Gennaker
    • Snuffer
    • Set, Jibe, Douse
    Heavy Weather Sailing
    • Shortening sail
    • Sailing in waves
    • Slowing down and heaving-to
    • Heavy weather boat handling
    • Safety harnesses and jacklines
    • Squall!
    • Storm sailing
    • Misery and danger
    • Principles
    • Types of anchors
    • Anchoring in current, shoals, and storms
    • When and how to use multiple anchors
    • Risk and prevention
    • Formula for disaster
    • Preparing the boat and crew
    • Eternal vigilance
    • Emergencies!
    Emergencies/Suddenly Alone
    • Crew Overboard Rescue
    • Fire
    • Grounding
    • Injury and seasickness
    • Dismasting
    • Sinking
    • Calling for help
    Sailing Toward a Destination
    • Predicting wind and weather
    • Using wind shifts to advantage
    • Tides and current
    • Basic coastal piloting and dead reckoning
    • Navigation aids and rules of the road
    • Night sailing: pleasures and cautions