• Upcoming North U. Seminars (Partial List)
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    11/1/2014 To View Full Schedule, CLICK HERE
    2/28/2015 Detroit, MI
    2/28/2015 Philadelphia, PA
    2/28/2015 San Francisco, CA
    3/1/2015 Buffalo, NY
    3/1/2015 Costa Mesa, CA
    3/7/2015 Chicago, IL
    3/7/2015 Newport, RI
    3/7/2015 Stamford, CT
    3/8/2015 Boston, MA
    3/8/2015 Milwaukee, WI
    3/14/2015 Annapolis, MD
    3/14/2015 Indianapolis, IN
    3/14/2015 Vancouver, BC - Canada
    3/15/2015 Tampa, FL
    3/21/2015 Port Clinton, OH
    3/21/2015 Raritan Bay, NJ
    3/21/2015 Toronto, ON - Canada
    3/22/2015 San Diego, CA
    3/22/2015 Seattle, WA
    3/28/2015 Barrie, ON - Canada
    3/28/2015 Erie, PA (CRUISING)
    4/11/2015 Saint John, NB - Canada
    4/12/2015 Halifax, NS - Canada
    4/19/2015 Montreal, QC - Canada
    4/25/2015 Boyne City, MI
    6/13/2015 Harbor Springs, MI - (Racing TRIM)

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    One of the most effective and enjoyable ways to improve your sailing is to bring aboard a coach to work with you and your team aboard your boat. You will learn more, faster in a program designed just for you. North U can provide you with a coach whose skills and experience match your sailing and your goals. Visit our On Board Coaching page to learn more, faster.

    Bill Gladstone"You can spend a lifetime learning to be a better sailor. North U is here to accelerate the process with private coaching, fleet clinics, seminars, books, CDs, DVDs and seasonal seminars. Please do not hesitate to contact us for guidance in choosing the product or service that suits your needs and interests. Bring your questions. Leave with answers."

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